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Becker, Amani , Copplestone, David (2018) Uptake and partitioning of metals by microphytobenthic diatoms: metadata for the ARCoES project. [Data Collection]

Brownbill, Nick J. , Sprick, Reiner Sebastian , Bonillo, Baltasar , Pawsey, Shane , Aussenac, Fabien , Fielding, Alistair J. , Cooper, Andrew I. , Blanc, Frédéric (2018) Structural Elucidation of Amorphous Photocatalytic Polymers from Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid State NMR. [Data Collection]


Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2018) Single molecular conductance switching behavior for a new heterocyclic anchoring group (Pyrazole). [Data Collection]

Cowan, Alexander (2018) Data from A water-soluble Mn polypyridyl complex for selective electrocatalytic CO2 reduction. [Data Collection]

Culhane, Fiona , Frid, Chris , Royo Gelabert, Eva , White, Lydia , Robinson, Leonie (2018) Linkage matrix of marine ecosystem services and ecosystem components, Version 1.0. [Data Collection]


Daniels, Luke , Ling, Sanliang , Savvin, Stanislav , Pitcher, Michael , Dyer, Matthew , Claridge, John , Slater, Ben , Cora, Furio , Alaria, Jonathan , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2018) A and B site doping of a phonon-glass perovskite oxide thermoelectric. [Data Collection]

Dennis, Louise , Fisher, Michael , Ferrando, Angelo , Mascardi, Viviana , Ancona, Davide (2018) Recognising Assumption Violations in Autonomous Systems Verification. [Data Collection]

Doherty, Kyle , Williams, Rachel , Bradley, James , Sheridan, Carl , Unsworth, Paul , Weightman, Peter (2018) Plasma Polymerisation Using Helium Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet with Heptylamine Monomer. [Data Collection]

de Glanville, WA , Thomas, Lian , Bronsvoort, BM , Wardrop, N , Wamae, NC , Kariuki, S , Fevre, Eric (2018) A general contextual analysis of endemic infectious disease risk in Kenya. [Data Collection]

de Glanville, William WA , Thomas, Lian , Cook, EAJ , Bronsvoort, BM , Wamae, NC , Kariuki, S , Fevre, Eric (2018) Household socioeconomic position and infectious disease risk in rural Kenya. [Data Collection]


Edwards, Ben , Delvoye, Antoine , Brotherson, Louisa (2018) Seismic Context Measurements for Induced Seismicity. [Data Collection]


Hassell, James , Bettridge, Judy , Ward, MJ , Ogendo, A , Imboma, T , Fava, F , Robinson, TP , Begon, Michael , Fevre, Eric (2018) Data dictionary for Hassell et al (2018) “changes in urban land use drive variation in the structure of wildlife-livestock-human interfaces”. [Data Collection]

Hassell, James , Ward, MJ , Muloi, D , Bettridge, Judy , Robinson, TP , Ogendo, A , Imboma, T , Kiiru, J , Kariuki, Samuel , Begon, Michael , Kang'ethe, EK , Woolhouse, MEJ , Fevre, Eric (2018) Data Dictionary for Hassell et al (2018) “Deterministic Processes Structure Bacterial Genetic Communities across an Urban Landscape”. [Data Collection]


Inglis, Kenneth , Blanc, Frederic (2018) Synthesis and characterisation of the new oxyfluoride Li+ ion conductor, Li5SiO4F. [Data Collection]


Jaeckel, Frank (2018) Size-controlled electron transfer rates determine hydrogen generation efficiency in colloidal Pt-decorated CdS quantum dots. [Data Collection]

Jones, Meriel , Abdullah, Wazeera (2018) Diversity and Roles of Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera. By Wazeera Rashid Abdullah. April 2018. [Data Collection]


Katsoulidis, Alexandros , Antypov, Dmytro , Whitehead, George , Carrington, Elliot , Adams, Dave , Berry, Neil , Darling, George , Dyer, Matthew , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2018) Chemical control of structure and guest uptake by a conformationally mobile porous material. [Data Collection]


Leary, Edmund (2018) Data for: Bias-driven conductance increase with length in porphyrin tapes. [Data Collection]

Leary, Edmund (2018) Fluorene and Fluorenone raw STM data. [Data Collection]

Leube, Bernhard , Inglis, Kenneth , Carrington, Elliot , Sharp, Paul , Shin, Felix , Neale, Alex , Manning, Troy , Pitcher, Michael , Hardwick, Laurence , Dyer, Matthew , Blanc, Frederic , Claridge, John , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2018) Lithium transport in Li4.4M0.4M’0.6S4 (M= Al3+, Ga3+ and M’= Ge4+, Sn4+): Combined crystallographic, conductivity, solid state NMR and computational studies. [Data Collection]


Maloney, Niamh/NG (2018) Guilt-free pleasures: Are low-calorie sweetened beverages helpful for the control of food intake? [Data Collection]

Marrs, Rob , Chiverrell, Richard (2018) Experimental evidence for sustained carbon sequestration in fire-managed peat moorlands. [Data Collection]

Middleton, Ceri , Gaio, Andre , Greene, Richard , Patterson, Eann (2018) Raw data to accompany submitted manuscript: Towards automated tracking of initiation and propagation of cracks in aluminium alloy coupons using thermoelastic stress analysis. [Data Collection]


Neri, Gaia , Cowan, Alexander , Teobaldi, Gilberto (2018) Detection of catalytic intermediates at an electrode surface during carbon dioxide reduction by an earth-abundant catalyst. [Data Collection]


Phillips, Laurie , Yates, Peter , Shiel, Huw , Hutter, Oliver , Mariotti, Silvia , Durose, Ken , Major, Jon (2018) Data from "A scalable synthesis approach to antimony selenide solar cells". [Data Collection]

Poole, Rob , Dennis, David (2018) Elastic turbulence in serpentine channels: heat transfer and pressure drop data. [Data Collection]


Russell, Fiona , Boyle, John , Chiverrell, Richard (2018) R code and NIRS data files for "NIRS quantification of lake sediment composition by multiple regression using end-member spectra". [Data Collection]


Santos Silva, Ana Catarina , Sebastian, Christopher , Lambros, John , Patterson, Eann (2018) Electronic Data relating to “High temperature modal analysis of a non-uniformly heated rectangular plate: experiments and simulations” By A. C. Santos Silva, C. M. Sebastian, J. Lambros and E.A. Patterson. [Data Collection]

Sharp, Helen , Hill, Jonathan , Quinn, John , Pickles, Andrew , Murgatroyd, Chris (2018) Wirral Child Health and Development Study. [Data Collection]

Smith, Neil (2018) Thiol Signalling in Skeletal Muscle Ageing (Supplementary Information). [Data Collection]


Turner, Joanne , Baylis, Matthew (2018) Bluetongue model outputs. [Data Collection]


Vasiev, Bakhti , Abdullah, Abdulaziz (2018) Mathematical Modelling of Embryonic Tissue Development. By Abdulaziz Rasheed Abdullah. May 2018. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea , Ferri, Nicolò , Higgins, Simon , Nichols, Richard (2018) Data for thiophene-based single-molecule electromechanical switches. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea , Nichols, Richard , Higgins, S , Naghibi, S (2018) Quantum Interference effects in single-molecule junctions. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea , Nichols, Richard , Higgins, Simon (2018) Oligothiophenes NMRs for molecular electronics studies. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea , Nichols, Richard , Higgins, Simon , Ferri, Nicolò (2018) Data for: Charge Transport at a Molecular GaAs Nanoscale Junction. [Data Collection]


Webster, Matt , Dixon, Clare , Fisher, Michael (2018) A Corroborative Approach to Verification and Validation of Human--Robot Teams: PRISM code and properties for the formal verification of the BERT 2 handover scenario. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria , Robinson, Eric (2018) Focused attention and later snack intake in men. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria , Robinson, Eric (2018) Memory for meal satisfaction and later snack intake. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria , Robinson, Eric (2018) No effect of focused attention whilst eating on later snack food intake: two laboratory experiments. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria , Robinson, Eric (2018) A smartphone based attentive eating intervention for energy intake and weight loss: results from a randomised controlled trial. [Data Collection]


Xiao, Dong , Brownbill, Nick , Blanc, Frederic (2018) Research Data Supporting Dong Xiao et al. "Fast Detection and Structural Identification of Carbocations on Zeolites by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid-State NMR", Chemical Science, 2018. [Data Collection]

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