Copyright and Data

The Data Catalogue is a tool primarily for the sharing of research data. As such, the default recommended licence under which data deposited in the Data Catalogue are held is a Creative Commons – Attribution licence. This clearly lets potential users know that they are free to re-use your data as part of their own research, provided they give you proper attribution. This licence supports the wide sharing of data for greater good of the research community.

You will be able to select a more restrictive licence if you wish, and the Data Catalogue provides links to further information on those licences. High level guidance on to copyright and licensing issues, along with links to more in-depth information, are available on the Data Management website’s Copyright page.

It may be that you are required by your funder to use a specific type of licence that is not among those listed on the Data Catalogue. In these cases please send an email to the RDM Team with a link to a description of the licence and we will add it to the list.