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Becker, Amani and Copplestone, David (2018) Uptake and partitioning of metals by microphytobenthic diatoms: metadata for the ARCoES project. [Data Collection]

Brownbill, Nick J., Sprick, Reiner Sebastian, Bonillo, Baltasar, Pawsey, Shane, Aussenac, Fabien, Fielding, Alistair J., Cooper, Andrew I. and Blanc, Frédéric (2018) Structural Elucidation of Amorphous Photocatalytic Polymers from Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid State NMR. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David and Nichols, Richard (2018) Single molecular conductance switching behavior for a new heterocyclic anchoring group (Pyrazole). [Data Collection]

Cowan, Alexander (2018) Data from A water-soluble Mn polypyridyl complex for selective electrocatalytic CO2 reduction. [Data Collection]

Culhane, Fiona, Frid, Chris, Royo Gelabert, Eva, White, Lydia and Robinson, Leonie (2018) Linkage matrix of marine ecosystem services and ecosystem components, Version 1.0. [Data Collection]

Daniels, Luke, Ling, Sanliang, Savvin, Stanislav, Pitcher, Michael, Dyer, Matthew, Claridge, John, Slater, Ben, Cora, Furio, Alaria, Jonathan and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2018) A and B site doping of a phonon-glass perovskite oxide thermoelectric. [Data Collection]

Dennis, Louise, Fisher, Michael, Ferrando, Angelo, Mascardi, Viviana and Ancona, Davide (2018) Recognising Assumption Violations in Autonomous Systems Verification. [Data Collection]

Doherty, Kyle, Williams, Rachel, Bradley, James, Sheridan, Carl, Unsworth, Paul and Weightman, Peter (2018) Plasma Polymerisation Using Helium Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet with Heptylamine Monomer. [Data Collection]

Edwards, Ben, Delvoye, Antoine and Brotherson, Louisa (2018) Seismic Context Measurements for Induced Seismicity. [Data Collection]

Hassell, James, Bettridge, Judy, Ward, MJ, Ogendo, A, Imboma, T, Fava, F, Robinson, TP, Begon, Michael and Fevre, Eric (2018) Data dictionary for Hassell et al (2018) “changes in urban land use drive variation in the structure of wildlife-livestock-human interfaces”. [Data Collection]

Hiley, Craig, Whitehead, George, Zanella, Marco, Delacotte, Charlene, Manning, Troy and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2018) Detection and crystal structure of hydrogenated bipentacene as an intermediate in thermally-induced pentacene oligomerization. [Data Collection]

Inglis, Kenneth and Blanc, Frederic (2018) Synthesis and characterisation of the new oxyfluoride Li+ ion conductor, Li5SiO4F. [Data Collection]

Jaeckel, Frank (2018) Size-controlled electron transfer rates determine hydrogen generation efficiency in colloidal Pt-decorated CdS quantum dots. [Data Collection]

Jones, Meriel and Abdullah, Wazeera (2018) Diversity and Roles of Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera. By Wazeera Rashid Abdullah. April 2018. [Data Collection]

Katsoulidis, Alexandros, Antypov, Dmytro, Whitehead, George, Carrington, Elliot, Adams, Dave, Berry, Neil, Darling, George, Dyer, Matthew and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2018) Chemical control of structure and guest uptake by a conformationally mobile porous material. [Data Collection]

Leary, Edmund (2018) Data for: Bias-driven conductance increase with length in porphyrin tapes. [Data Collection]

Leary, Edmund (2018) Fluorene and Fluorenone raw STM data. [Data Collection]

Leube, Bernhard, Inglis, Kenneth, Carrington, Elliot, Sharp, Paul, Shin, Felix, Neale, Alex, Manning, Troy, Pitcher, Michael, Hardwick, Laurence, Dyer, Matthew, Blanc, Frederic, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2018) Lithium transport in Li4.4M0.4M’0.6S4 (M= Al3+, Ga3+ and M’= Ge4+, Sn4+): Combined crystallographic, conductivity, solid state NMR and computational studies. [Data Collection]

Maloney, Niamh/NG (2018) Guilt-free pleasures: Are low-calorie sweetened beverages helpful for the control of food intake? [Data Collection]

Marrs, Rob and Chiverrell, Richard (2018) Experimental evidence for sustained carbon sequestration in fire-managed peat moorlands. [Data Collection]

Middleton, Ceri, Gaio, Andre, Greene, Richard and Patterson, Eann (2018) Raw data to accompany submitted manuscript: Towards automated tracking of initiation and propagation of cracks in aluminium alloy coupons using thermoelastic stress analysis. [Data Collection]

Neri, Gaia, Cowan, Alexander and Teobaldi, Gilberto (2018) Detection of catalytic intermediates at an electrode surface during carbon dioxide reduction by an earth-abundant catalyst. [Data Collection]

Phillips, Laurie, Yates, Peter, Shiel, Huw, Hutter, Oliver, Mariotti, Silvia, Durose, Ken and Major, Jon (2018) Data from "A scalable synthesis approach to antimony selenide solar cells". [Data Collection]

Poole, Rob and Dennis, David (2018) Elastic turbulence in serpentine channels: heat transfer and pressure drop data. [Data Collection]

Russell, Fiona, Boyle, John and Chiverrell, Richard (2018) R code and NIRS data files for "NIRS quantification of lake sediment composition by multiple regression using end-member spectra". [Data Collection]

Santos Silva, Ana Catarina, Sebastian, Christopher, Lambros, John and Patterson, Eann (2018) Electronic Data relating to “High temperature modal analysis of a non-uniformly heated rectangular plate: experiments and simulations” By A. C. Santos Silva, C. M. Sebastian, J. Lambros and E.A. Patterson. [Data Collection]

Sharp, Helen, Hill, Jonathan, Quinn, John, Pickles, Andrew and Murgatroyd, Chris (2018) Wirral Child Health and Development Study. [Data Collection]

Smith, Andrew D and Johns, Jennifer (2018) Entrepreneurial activities in digital fabrication spaces (FabLabs). [Data Collection]

Smith, Neil (2018) Thiol Signalling in Skeletal Muscle Ageing (Supplementary Information). [Data Collection]

Turner, Joanne and Baylis, Matthew (2018) Bluetongue model outputs. [Data Collection]

Vasiev, Bakhti and Abdullah, Abdulaziz (2018) Mathematical Modelling of Embryonic Tissue Development. By Abdulaziz Rasheed Abdullah. May 2018. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Ferri, Nicolò, Higgins, Simon and Nichols, Richard (2018) Data for thiophene-based single-molecule electromechanical switches. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Nichols, Richard, Higgins, S and Naghibi, S (2018) Quantum Interference effects in single-molecule junctions. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Nichols, Richard and Higgins, Simon (2018) Oligothiophenes NMRs for molecular electronics studies. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Nichols, Richard, Higgins, Simon and Ferri, Nicolò (2018) Data for: Charge Transport at a Molecular GaAs Nanoscale Junction. [Data Collection]

Webster, Matt, Dixon, Clare and Fisher, Michael (2018) A Corroborative Approach to Verification and Validation of Human--Robot Teams: PRISM code and properties for the formal verification of the BERT 2 handover scenario. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria and Robinson, Eric (2018) Focused attention and later snack intake in men. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria and Robinson, Eric (2018) Memory for meal satisfaction and later snack intake. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria and Robinson, Eric (2018) No effect of focused attention whilst eating on later snack food intake: two laboratory experiments. [Data Collection]

Whitelock, Victoria and Robinson, Eric (2018) A smartphone based attentive eating intervention for energy intake and weight loss: results from a randomised controlled trial. [Data Collection]

Winikoff, Michael, Dennis, Louise and Fisher, Michael (2018) Slicing Agent Programs for more Efficient Verification. [Data Collection]

Xiao, Dong, Brownbill, Nick and Blanc, Frederic (2018) Research Data Supporting Dong Xiao et al. "Fast Detection and Structural Identification of Carbocations on Zeolites by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid-State NMR", Chemical Science, 2018. [Data Collection]

de Glanville, WA, Thomas, Lian, Bronsvoort, BM, Wardrop, N, Wamae, NC, Kariuki, S and Fevre, Eric (2018) A general contextual analysis of endemic infectious disease risk in Kenya. [Data Collection]

de Glanville, William WA, Thomas, Lian, Cook, EAJ, Bronsvoort, BM, Wamae, NC, Kariuki, S and Fevre, Eric (2018) Household socioeconomic position and infectious disease risk in rural Kenya. [Data Collection]

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