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Armstrong, Jennifer , Wilby, Robert (2017) Defining the architecture and attributes of ‘successful’ climate change adaptation surrounding long-lived static infrastructure in the coastal zone. [Data Collection]


Bjorgen, Edvard P. , Madsen, Simen , Bjorknes, Therese S. , Heimsaeter, Fredrik V. , Haavik, Robin , Linderud, Morten , Longberg, Per-Niklas , Dennis, Louise , Slavkovik, Marija (2017) DilemmaZ: dilemmas for benchmarking ethical decision-making by artificial intelligence systems. [Data Collection]

Blanc, Frederic (2017) Research data supporting I.C. Colinas et al., "Anion Exchange Dynamics in the Capture of Perchlorate by a Cationic Ag-Based MOF", Dalton Transactions, DOI:10.1039/c7dt00475c. [Data Collection]

Brown, Jennifer (2017) Application of POLCOMS model to Liverpool Bay residual currents. [Data Collection]

Brownbill, Nick , Gajan, David , Lesage, Anne , Emsley, Lyndon , Blanc, Frederic (2017) Research Data Supporting N. J. Brownbill et al."Oxygen-17 Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Enhanced Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy at 18.8 T", Chemical Communications, DOI: 10.1039/C6CC09743J. [Data Collection]


Chalker, Paul , Potter, Richard , Hall, Stephen , Brunell, Ian , Sedghi, Naser , Dawson, Karl , Gibbon, James , Dhanak, Vin (2017) The role of nitrogen doping in ALD Ta2O5 and its influence on multilevel cell switching in RRAM. [Data Collection]

Cook, EAJ , Grossi-Soyster, EN , de Glanville, WA , Thomas, LF , Kariuki, S , Bronsvoort, BMdeC , Wamae, CN , LaBeaud, AD , Fevre, Eric (2017) The sero-epidemiology of Rift Valley Fever in people in the Lake Victoria Basin of western Kenya. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2017) Highly conductive tripodal molecular wires. [Data Collection]

Cowan, Alexander , Xiong, Xianqiang , Forster, Mark , Major, Jon (2017) ZnTe photocathodes transient study. [Data Collection]


Daniels, Luke , Savvin, Stanislav , Pitcher, Michael , Dyer, Matthew , Claridge, John , Ling, Sanliang , Slater, Ben , Cora, Furio , Alaria, Jonathan , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) Phonon-glass electron-crystal behaviour by A site disorder in n-type thermoelectric oxides. [Data Collection]

Dean, Mary , Morrissey, Karyn (2017) ARCoES Valuing continuous electricity supply subproject. [Data Collection]

Denis Romero, Fabio , Pitcher, Michael , Hiley, Craig , Whitehead, George , Kar, Srotoswini , Ganin, Alexey , Collins, Chris , Dyer, Matthew , Klupp, Gyongi , Colman, Ross , Prassides, Kosmas , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) Experimental data for "Redox-controlled potassium intercalation into two polyaromatic hydrocarbon solids". [Data Collection]

de Glanville, WA , Conde-Álvarez, R , Moriyón, I , Njeru, J , Díaz, R , Cook, EAJ , Morin, M , Bronsvoort, BMdeC , Thomas, LF , Kariuki, S , Fevre, Eric (2017) Poor performance of the rapid test for human brucellosis in health facilities in Kenya. [Data Collection]


Fevre, Eric , de Glanville, WA , Thomas, LF , Cook, EAJ , Kariuki, S , Wamae, CN (2017) An integrated study of human and animal infectious disease in the Lake Victoria Crescent small-holder crop-livestock production system, Kenya. [Data Collection]


Gibson, Quinn , Dyer, Matthew , Alaria, Jonathan , Edwards, Holly , Dhanak, Vin , Manning, Troy , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) Data for "Bi4O4Cu1.7Se2.7Cl0.3: Intergrowth of BiOCuSe and Bi2O2Se Stabilized by the Addition of a Third Anion". [Data Collection]

Goh, Colleen , Blanchard, Mary , Crompton, Robin , Gunther, Michael , Macaulay, Sophie , Bates, Karl (2017) IndividualMuscleMomentArms. [Data Collection]


Hughes, Ashlea , Brownbill, Nick , Lalek, Rachel , Briggs, Michael , Slater, Anna , Cooper, Andrew , Blanc, Frederic (2017) Ultra-Fast Molecular Rotors within Porous Organic Cages. [Data Collection]


Kamali, Maryam , Dennis, Louise , Fisher, Michael (2017) Formal verification of autonomous vehicle platooning. [Data Collection]


Leary, Edmund (2017) Detecting mechanochemical atropisomerization within an STM breakjunction. [Data Collection]

Lee, Jonathan , Cowan, Alexander , Jaeckel, Frank (2017) Raw data for Lee et al. Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C 2017. [Data Collection]


Macaulay, Sophie , Hutchinson, John R. , Bates, Karl T. (2017) Data for "A quantitative evaluation of physical and digital approaches to centre of mass estimation". [Data Collection]

Marton, Fabok (2017) PhD fieldwok interviews: Wylfa Newydd on Anglsey. [Data Collection]

Masselink, Gerd , Almeida, Pedro (2017) Storm data collected from four nuclear power station sites for ARCoES project. [Data Collection]

McCann, Catherine , Williams, Diana , Baylis, Matthew , Graham-Brown, John (2017) Farm Liver fluke study 2014-15. [Data Collection]

Mitrovic, Ivona Z (2017) Barrier tuning of atomic layer deposited Ta2O5 and Al2O3 in double dielectric diodes, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 35(1) 01A117 (2017). [Data Collection]

Mitrovic, Ivona Z. (2017) Sawangsri et al., Microelectronic Engineering, volume 178, pages 178-181 (2017). [Data Collection]


Palfreyman, Jennifer , Caminade, Cyril , Graham-Brown, John , Williams, Diana (2017) Genetic Algorithm for rule-set prediction (GARP) model for Phortica variegata presence in the UK (version 2). [Data Collection]


Ramos Velarde, Ruben , Grigoropoulos, Alex , Perret, Noemie , Zanella, Marco , Katsoulidis, Alexandros , Manning, Troy , Claridge, John , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) Selective conversion of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to cyclopentanone derivatives over Cu-Al2O3 and Co-Al2O3 catalysts in water. [Data Collection]


Salt, C , Morris, PJ , German, Alex , Wilson, D , Lund, EM , Cole, TJ , Butterwick, RF (2017) Growth standard charts for monitoring bodyweight in dogs of different sizes - SUPPORTING DATA. [Data Collection]

Sanchez Vizcaino Buendia, Fernando , French, Neil , Hungerford, Dan , Christley, Rob , Radford, Alan (2017) Antimicrobial prescribing in a network of general practitioner surgeries in Liverpool. [Data Collection]

Sansom, Harry , Whitehead, George , Dyer, Matthew , Zanella, Marco , Manning, Troy , Pitcher, Michael , Whittles, Thomas , Dhanak, Vin , Alaria, Jonathan , Claridge, John , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) Experimental data for "AgBiI4 as a Lead-Free Solar Absorber with Potential Application in Photovoltaics". [Data Collection]

Shaw, Andrew , Jin, Jidong , Mitrovic, Ivona , Hall, Steve , Wrench, Jacqueline , Chalker, Paul (2017) Extraction of the sub-band gap density of states of Nb doped ZnO thin film transistors using C - V measurements. [Data Collection]

Shen, Yaochun (2017) Data_for_OE2017. [Data Collection]

Shen, Yaochun , Lawman, Samuel (2017) data files related to the paper published at Biomedical Optics Express, 8 (2017) 5579-5593. [Data Collection]

Stewart, David , Antypov, Dmytro , Dyer, Matthew , Pitcher, Michael , Katsoulidis, Alexandros , Charter, Philip , Blanc, Frederic , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) Stable and Ordered Amide Frameworks Synthesised Under Reversible Conditions which Facilitate Error Checking. [Data Collection]


Tzitzeklis, Christos , Gupta, Jyoti , Dyer, Matthew , Manning, Troy , Pitcher, Michael , Niu, Hongjun , Savvin, Stanislav , Alaria, Jonathan , Darling, George , Claridge, John , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) Computational prediction and experimental realization of p-type carriers in the wide band-gap oxide SrZn1−xLixO2. [Data Collection]


Vezzoli, Andrea , Higgins, Simon , Nichols, Richard (2017) Side Group-Mediated Mechanical Conductance Switching in Molecular Junctions. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea , Nichols, Richard , Higgins, Simon (2017) Data for: Single-molecule photocurrent at a metal-molecule-semiconductor junction. [Data Collection]

Volk, Martin , Brust, Mathias , Cooper, David L. , Davidson, Adam (2017) Sensitive Analysis of Protein Adsorption to Colloidal Gold by Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation. [Data Collection]


Walkden, Mike (2017) Recession Sensitivity Index for the erosion of coastal cliffs in the Glamorgan/ West Somerset region of the Bristol Channel to a long term sea level rise trajectory. [Data Collection]

Wolf, Judith , Amoudry, Karen , Phillips, Hazel , Brown, Jennifer (2017) FVCOM Modelling for Particle Tracking in eastern Irish Sea using current sea level (2014) and future sea level scenarios for 2050, 2100, 2500 (ARCoES project). [Data Collection]


Xiao, Dong , Xu, Shutao , Han, Xiuwen , Bao, Xinhe , Liu, Zhongmin , Blanc, Frederic (2017) Research Data Supporting Dong Xiao et al. "Direct Structural Identification of Carbenium Ions and Investigation of Host-guest Interaction in the Methanol to Olefins Reaction Obtained by Multinuclear NMR Correlations", Chemical Science, 2017. [Data Collection]


Zhang, Jiliang , Whitehead, George , Manning, Troy , Stewart, David , Hiley, Craig , Pitcher, Michael , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2017) The reactivity of solid rubrene with potassium: competition between intercalation and molecular decomposition. [Data Collection]

Zhao, Yuyuan (2017) Particle size distribution of tin powder produced by centrifugal atomisation using rotating cups. [Data Collection]

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