Genetic Algorithm for rule-set prediction (GARP) model for Phortica variegata presence in the UK (version 2)

Palfreyman, Jennifer, Caminade, Cyril, Graham-Brown, John and Williams, Diana (2017) Genetic Algorithm for rule-set prediction (GARP) model for Phortica variegata presence in the UK (version 2). [Data Collection]

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This document is a ".kmz" file for use with Google Earth Pro, a desktop application which is free to download at the following URL: The document itself contains a heat map denoting the model predicted distribution of the fruitfly Phortica variegata in the UK based on known locations, calculated using a "Genetic Algorithm for rule-set prediction" (GARP) model to the resolution of a regular 0.05° x 0.05° spatial grid (at longitudes from 12°W - 4°E and latitudes from 49°N - 60°N) following the principles outlined in Otranto et al. 2006. Coloration is a standard heat map style to indicate the likelihood of P. variegata presence. High decreasing to low likelihood of P. variegata presence is denoted by red to orange, yellow, green and blue, respectively. This is designed as a practical tool for use by dipterists when planning field excursions. Versions and revisions: Version 1: Originally uploaded 15/11/2017. See above for details. (URL: Version 2: Uploaded 11/01/2018. Updated .kmz layer generated using the data and methodology described in a recent manuscript submission to the scientific journal "Parasties and Vectors" (manuscript# PARV-D-18-00033). Reference: OTRANTO, D., BRIANTI, E., CANTACESSI, C., LIA, R. P. & MACA, J. (2006a) The zoophilic fruitfly Phortica variegata: morphology, ecology and biological niche. Med Vet Entomol 20, 358-364

Keywords: Phortica variegata, GARP model, UK distribution
Divisions: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Depositing User: John Graham-Brown
Date Deposited: 12 Jan 2018 10:23
Last Modified: 12 Jan 2018 10:23
DOI: 10.17638/
DOI: 10.17638/

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