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Antypov, Dmytro, Dyer, Matthew and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) Differential guest location by host dynamics enhances propylene-propane separation in a metal-organic framework. [Data Collection]


Collins, Chris, Gibson, Quinn, Daniels, Luke, Gaultois, Michael, Moran, Michael, Feetham, Richard, Pitcher, Michael, Dyer, Matthew, Delacotte, Charlene, Zanella, Marco, Murray, Claire, Glodan, Gyorgyi, Perez, Olivier, Pelloquin, Denis, Manning, Troy, Alaria, Jonathan, Darling, George, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) Discovery of a low thermal conductivity oxide guided by probe structure prediction and machine learning. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David, Nichols, Richard and Planje, Inco (2020) Transport and thermoelectric properties of ‘wire-like’ organometallic complexes. [Data Collection]


Dang, Yun, Shoko, Elvis, Han, Guopeng, Duff, Benjamin, Dyer, Matthew, Daniels, Luke, Chen, Ruiyong, Blanc, Frederic, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) Polymorph of LiAlP2O7: Combined Computational, Synthetic, Crystallographic, and Ionic Conductivity Study. [Data Collection]

Durose, K (2020) Original EBIC images from paper. [Data Collection]


Fleck, Nicole, Hobson, Theo, Savory, Christopher, Buckeridge, John, Veal, Tim, Rosario Correia, Maria, O'Scanlon, David, Durose, Ken and Jaeckel, Frank (2020) Raw data for "Identifying Raman Modes of Sb2Se3 and their Symmetries using Angle-Resolved Polarised Raman Spectra". [Data Collection]


Higgins, Simon and Nichols, Richard (2020) Conductance data for Co(pyterpy) (electrochemical) and Fe(pyterpy) (electrochemical) and also nano-ring data recorded using the STM. [Data Collection]

Hu, Dingyue (2020) raw data of 'Enhanced Long-term Cathode Stability by Tuning Interfacial Nanostructures for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells'. [Data Collection]


Jacinthe Gamon &, Arnaud Perez, Jones, Leanne, Zanella, Marco, Daniels, Luke M., Morris, Rhun E., Veal, Tim D., Hardwick, Laurence J., Tang, Chiu C., Dyer, Matthew S., Claridge, John B. and Rosseinsky, Matthew J. (2020) Na2Fe2OS2, An Earth Abundant Oxysulphide Cathode Material for Na-ion Batteries. [Data Collection]


Mariotti, Silvia, Alturkestani, Mohammed, Hutter, Oliver, Papageorgiou, Georgios, Major, Jon, Swallow, Jack, Nayak, Pabitra, Snaith, Henry, Dhanak, Vin and Durose, Ken (2020) Direct Silicon Heterostructures With Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite for Photovoltaic Applications - supporting information. [Data Collection]

Morscher, Alexandra, Dyer, Matthew, Duff, Benjamin, Han, Guopeng, Gamon, Jacinthe, Daniels, Luke, Dang, Yun, Surta, Wesley, Robertson, Craig, Blanc, Frederic, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) Li6SiO4Cl2: A Hexagonal Argyrodite Based on Antiperovskite Layer Stacking. [Data Collection]


Planje, Inco, Vezzoli, Andrea, Nichols, Richard and Higgins, Simon (2020) Single molecule conductance data for "Selective anchoring groups for molecular electronic junctions with ITO electrodes". [Data Collection]

Pramudya, Yohanes, Bonakala, Satyanarayana, Antypov, Dmytro, Dyer, Matthew and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) High-Throughput Screening of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Kinetic Separation of Propane and Propene. [Data Collection]

Pugliese, Andrea (2020) Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose Acetyl Succinate polymer, a Useful Carrier in Pharmaceutical Solid Dispersions. [Data Collection]


Sansom, Harry, Longo, Giulia, Wright, Adam, Buizza, Leonardo, Mahesh, Suhas, Wenger, Bernard, Zanella, Marco, Abdi-Jalebi, Mojtaba, Pitcher, Michael, Dyer, Matthew, Manning, Troy, Friend, Richard, Herz, Laura, Snaith, Henry, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) Highly Absorbing Lead-Free Semiconductor Cu2AgBiI6 for Photovoltaic Applications from the Quaternary CuI-AgI-BiI3 Phase Space. [Data Collection]

Surta, TW, Whittle, Thomas, Wright, Matthew, Niu, Hongjun, Gamon, Jacinthe, Gibson, Quinn, Daniels, Luke, Zanella, Marco, Shepley, PM, Li, Y, Goetzee-Barral, A, Bell, AJ, Alaria, Jonathan, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) One Site, Two Cations, Three Environments: s2 and s0 Electronic Configurations Generate Pb-Free Relaxor Behavior in a Perovskite Oxide. [Data Collection]


Vasylenko, Andrij, Gamon, Jacinthe, Duff, Benjamin, Gusev, Vladimir, Daniels, Luke, Zanella, Marco, Shin, Felix, Sharp, Paul, Morscher, Alexandra, Chen, Ruiyong, Neale, Alex, Hardwick, Laurence, Claridge, John, Blanc, Frederic, Gaultois, Michael, Dyer, Matthew and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2020) Element selection for crystalline inorganic solid discovery guided by unsupervised machine learning of experimentally explored chemistry. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Nichols, Richard, Higgins, Simon, Wu, Chuanli, Bates, Demetris, Ferri, Nicolò and Robertson, Craig (2020) Single-Molecule conductance, piezo-modulation and flicker noise data for 1,2-bis(4-(methylthio)phenyl)ethane-1,2-dione and (E)-1,2-bis(4-(methylthio)phenyl)ethene. [Data Collection]

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