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Akoko, J, Macleod, E, Thomas, Lian, Alarcon, P, Kang'ethe, E, Kivali, V, Muloi, D, Muinde, P, Murungi, M, Gachoya, JM and Fevre, Eric (2019) Detection of circulating Antigens for Taenia spp. in pigs slaughtered for consumption in Nairobi and surroundings, Kenya. [Data Collection]

Allen, Sarah and Harris, Rebecca (2019) Communication Head Neck Oncology Review Clinics. [Data Collection]

Alliati, Martin, Donaghy, David, Tu, Xin and Bradley, James (2019) Dataset - Ionic Species in a Naphthalene Plasma: Understanding Fragmentation Patterns and Growth of PAHs. [Data Collection]

Alshehri, Eman (2019) Comparative genomics analysis of different strains of T. gondii and N. caninum parasites. [Data Collection]

Ashraf, Sumaira, Taylor, Arthur, Sharkey, Jack, Barrow, Michael, Murray, Patricia, Wilm, Bettina, Poptani, Harish, Rosseinsky, Matthew, Adams, Dave and Levy, Raphael (2019) In vivo fate of free and encapsulated iron oxide nanoparticles after injection of labelled stem cells. [Data Collection]


BROWNBILL, NICK J (2019) Research Data Supporting Nick J Brownbill et al. "Detection of the Surface of Crystalline Y2O3 Using Direct 89Y Dynamic Nuclear Polarization", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.9b01185. [Data Collection]


Comenge, Joan, Sharkey, Jack, Oihane, Fragueiro, Wilm, Bettina, Mathias, Brust, Levy, Raphael and Plagge, Antonius (2019) Data: multimodal cell tracking from systemic administration to tumour growth by combining gold nanorods and reporter genes. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David, Naghibi, Saman and Nichols, Richard (2019) Towards the design of effective multipodal contacts for use in the construction of Langmuir-Blodgett films and molecular junctions. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David and Nichols, Richard (2019) Conductance behavior of tetraphenyl-aza-BODIPYs. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David and Nichols, Richard (2019) Single molecule vs large area design of molecular electronic devices incorporating an efficient 2-aminepyridine double anchoring group. [Data Collection]

Coutinho, Eduardo, Gentsh, K, Grandjean, D and Scherer, Klaus R (2019) Emotion-Antecedent Appraisal Checks: EEG and EMG datasets for Goal Conduciveness, Control and Power. [Data Collection]

Coutinho, Eduardo and Schuller, B (2019) Shared Acoustic Codes Underlie Emotional Communication in Music and Speech - Evidence from Deep Transfer Learning. [Data Collection]

Coutinho, Eduardo and Schuller, B (2019) Shared Acoustic Codes Underlie Emotional Communication in Music and Speech - Evidence from Deep Transfer Learning. [Data Collection]


Davies, Alys, Kearns, Victoria, Williams, Rachel and Pop, Serban (2019) In vitro and computational modelling of drug delivery across the outer blood retinal barrier. [Data Collection]

Dennis, Louise, Fisher, Michael, Bremner, Paul and Winfield, Alan (2019) On Proactive, Transparent and Verifiable Ethical Reasoning for Robots. [Data Collection]

Dennis, Louise and Slavkovik, Marija (2019) PRISM models, output and timing information for experiments to investigate Information Diffusion in Social Networks. [Data Collection]

Duckworth, Jay and Rose, Abi (2019) UoL001155: A comparison of signal-driven attentional capture in groups of alcohol-dependent and social drinkers: does sign-tracking predict consumption and risk? [Data Collection]


Fratini, Simone, Ciuchi, Sergio, Mayou, Didier, Trambly de Laissardière, Guy and Troisi, Alessandro (2019) Datasets for figure files in "A map of high mobility molecular semiconductors", Nature Materials (2017). [Data Collection]


Gamon, Jacinthe, Duff, Benjamin, Dyer, Matthew, Collins, Chris, Daniels, Luke, Surta, Wesley, Sharp, Paul, Gaultois, Michael, Blanc, Frederic, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2019) Computationally-guided discovery of a new compound in the Li-Al-S phase field, Li3AlS3: structure and lithium conductivity. [Data Collection]

Gibson, Quinn, Manning, Troy, Zanella, Marco, Zhao, Tianqui, Murgatroyd, Philip, Robertson, Craig, Jones, Leanne, McBride, Fiona, Raval, Rasmita, Cora, Furio, Slater, Ben, Claridge, John, Dhanak, Vin, Dyer, Matthew, Alaria, Jonathan and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2019) Anion compositional diversity reduces bonding dimensionality in the van der Waals semiconductor Bi4O4SeCl2. [Data Collection]


Hall, James (2019) Data files associated with "Extremely fast amelioration of plasmid fitness costs by multiple functionally-diverse pathways" by Hall, Wright, Guymer, Harrison, and Brockhurst. [Data Collection]

Hassell, James, Ward, MJ, Muloi, D, Bettridge, Judy, Robinson, TP, Ogendo, A, Imboma, T, Kiiru, J, Kariuki, S, Begon, Michael, Kang'ethe, EK, Woolhouse, MEJ and Fevre, Eric (2019) Deterministic Processes Structure Bacterial Genetic Communities across an Urban Landscape. [Data Collection]

Hassell, James, Ward, Melissa, Muloi, Dishon, Bettridge, Judy, Robinson, Timothy, Kariuki, Sam, Ogendo, Allan, Kiiru, John, Imboma, Titus, Kang'ethe, Erastus, Öghren, Elin, Williams, Nicola, Begon, Michael, Woolhouse, Mark and Fevre, Eric (2019) Epidemiology of Clinically Relevant Antimicrobial Resistance at the Wildlife-Livestock-Human Interface in Nairobi. [Data Collection]

Hopkins, Carl, Graetzer, Simone and Seiffert, Gary (2019) ARU speech corpus (University of Liverpool). [Data Collection]

Hutchings, Francis, Han, Cheol, Keller, Simon, Weber, Bern, Taylor, Peter and Kaiser, Marcus (2019) Simulation results and lambda value data for structural connectome based simulations of temporal lobe epilepsy surgery. [Data Collection]


Jenkinson, Michael, Islim, Abdurrahman, Kolamunnage-Dona, Ruwanthi, Mohan, Midhun and Moon, Richard (2019) Longitudinal radiological and clinical data for a retrospective cohort of patients with incidental asymptomatic meningioma. [Data Collection]


Khoo, Saye, Waitt, Catriona, Else, Laura and Reynolds, Helen (2019) DolPHIN-1 Study. [Data Collection]

Koeman, Vincent, Dennis, Louise, Webster, Matt, Fisher, Michael and Hindriks, Koen (2019) Explainability for Gwendolen Programs (Initial Version). [Data Collection]


Leary, Edmund (2019) Cumulene raw data. [Data Collection]

Lemon, Jennifer, Cooper, Jessie, Defres, Sylviane, Easton, Ava, Sadarangani, Manish, Griffiths, Michael, Pollard, Andrew, Solomon, Tom and Kneen, Rachel (2019) Core outcomes study data (a substudy of UK ChiMES and the ENCEPH-UK programme ). [Data Collection]

Lisitsa, Alexei (2019) Experimental data for the paper Andrews-Curtis conjecture, term rewriting and first-order proofs. [Data Collection]

Lopez-Benitez, Miguel (2019) Empirical pressure, altitude, temperature, light and motion sensor data collected over a complete calendar year in an indoor environment. [Data Collection]


Martin-McGill, Kirsty and Jenkinson, Michael (2019) Ketogenic Diets as an Adjuvant Therapy in Glioblastoma (The KEATING trial). [Data Collection]

Middleton, Ceri, McCrory, John, Greene, Richard, Holford, Karen and Patterson, Eann (2019) Raw data to accompany accepted manuscript: Detecting and monitoring cracks in aerospace materials using post-processing of TSA and AE data. [Data Collection]


Paoletti, Paolo, Mouro, Joao and Tiribilii, Bruno (2019) Supporting data of A versatile mass-sensing platform with tunable nonlinear self-excited microcantilevers. [Data Collection]

Paoletti, Paolo, Tiribilli, Bruno and Mouro, Joao (2019) Supporting data of Measuring viscosity with nonlinear self-excited microcantilevers. [Data Collection]

Potter, Richard, Chalker, Paul, Partida Manzanera, Teresa and Roberts, Joseph (2019) Comparison of atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and (Ta2O5)0.12(Al2O3)0.88 gate dielectrics on the characteristics of GaN-capped AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor high electron mobility transistors. [Data Collection]


Sen, Guzin (2019) Experience Prototyping of a Luxury Front-Seat Passenger Infotainment System through Virtual Reality Simulation. [Data Collection]

Smith, Gregory, Mears, Laura, Rogers, Sarah and Armes, Steven (2019) Supporting Data for "Synthesis and electrokinetics of cationic spherical nanoparticles in salt-free non-polar media" (Chemical Science). [Data Collection]

Stoner, Jessica, Murgatroyd, Philip, O'Sullivan, Marita, Dyer, Matthew, Manning, Troy, Claridge, John, Rosseinsky, Matthew and Alaria, Jonathan (2019) Chemical Control of Correlated Metals as Transparent Conductors. [Data Collection]


Tagliabue, Alessandro (2019) The role of external inputs and internal cycling in shaping the global ocean cobalt distribution: insights from the first cobalt biogeochemical model. [Data Collection]


Van De Wijgert, Janneke and Verwijs, Marinus (2019) Rwanda VMB study. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Nichols, Richard, Higgins, Simon, Qiao, Xiaohang and Wu, Chuanli (2019) STM-BJ Data Under Electrochemical Control for a Pyridyl-capped Anderson-Evans Polyoxometalate. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Wu, Chuanli, Higgins, Simon and Nichols, Richard (2019) STM-BJ Data for Imidazole and Benzimidazole in various environments. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea, Wu, Chuanli, Nichols, Richard, Qiao, Xiaohang and Higgins, Simon (2019) STM-BJ Data Under Bias Modulation for a Pyridyl-capped Anderson-Evans Polyoxometalate. [Data Collection]


Xiao, Dong, Han, Xiuwen, Bao, Xinhe, Hou, Guangjin and Blanc, Frederic (2019) Research Data Supporting Dong Xiao et al. "Identification of different carbenium ion intermediates in zeolites with identical chabazite topology via 13C-13C through-bond NMR correlations", RSC Advances, 2019. [Data Collection]


Zhang, Zijian (2019) Differentiating Generic versus Branded Pharmaceutical Tablets Using Ultra-High-Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography. [Data Collection]

Zhang, Zijian (2019) Paper Data Source (Sub-surface imaging of soiled cotton fabric using full-field optical coherence tomography). [Data Collection]

Zografos, Konstantinos, Haward, Simon J. and Oliveira, Mónica S. N. (2019) Optimised multi-stream microfluidic designs for controlled extensional deformation. [Data Collection]

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