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Colangelo, Elena , Chen, Qiubo , Davidson, Adam , Paramelle, David , Sullivan, Michael B , Volk, Martin , Levy, Raphael (2016) Data and scripts for "Experimental and Computational Investigation of the Structure of Peptide Monolayers on Gold Nanoparticles". [Data Collection]

Cook, EAJ , de Glanville, WA , Thomas, LF , Kariuki, S , Bronsvoort, BMdeC , Fevre, Eric (2016) Working conditions and public health risks in slaughterhouses in western Kenya. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David (2016) Low variability of single-molecule conductance assisted by bulky metal–molecule contacts. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2016) Experimental and computational studies of the single molecule conductance of Ru(II) and Pt(II) trans-bis(acetylide) complexes. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2016) Insulated molecular wires: Inhibiting orthogonal contacts in metal complex based molecular junctions. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2016) Insulated molecular wires: Inhibiting orthogonal contacts in metal complex based molecular junctions. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2016) Single Molecule Conductance Studies of Organometallic Complexes Bearing 3-Thienyl Contacting Groups. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2016) Single Molecule Conductance Studies of Organometallic Complexes Bearing 3-Thienyl Contacting Groups. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David , Nichols, Richard (2016) The Single-Molecule Electrical Conductance of a Rotaxane-Hexayne Supramolecular Assembly. [Data Collection]


Dennis, Louise (2016) Prism Files used in "How Did They Know?" - Model-Checking for Analysis of Information Leakage in Social Networks. [Data Collection]

Dennis, Louise , Webster, Matt (2016) Recomputable Experiments for Ethical Choices in Autonomous Systems: Verifying ethical choice in three Aviation scenarios. [Data Collection]

Di Lemma, Lisa (2016) QUESTIONNAIRES. [Data Collection]

Dyer, Matthew , Pitcher, Michael , Santibanez Mendieta, Alma , Didier, Christophe , Inglis, Kenneth , Zanella, Marco , Daniels, Luke , Shin, Felix , Corkett, Alex , Rakhmatullin, Aydar , Li, Ming , Claridge, John , Blanc, Frederic , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2016) La3Li3W2O12: Ionic diffusion in a Perovskite with Lithium on both A- and B-Sites. [Data Collection]


Fevre, Eric , Wardrop, NA , Thomas, LF , Cook, EAJ , de Glanville, WA , Atkinson, PM , Wamae, CN (2016) The Sero-epidemiology of Coxiella burnetii in Humans and Cattle, Western Kenya: evidence from a cross-sectional study. [Data Collection]


Inglis, Kenneth K. , Corley, John P. , Florian, Pierre , Cabana, Jordi , Bayliss, Ryan D. , Blanc, Frederic (2016) Research data supporting K.K. Inglis et al., "Structure and Sodium Ion Dynamics in Sodium Strontium Silicate Investigated by Multinuclear Solid-State NMR", Chemistry of Materials, DOI:10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b00941. [Data Collection]


Jaeckel, Frank (2016) Raw data for Fig. 9 in Li et al. ACS Appl. Mater. & Interf. 2016. [Data Collection]

Jonkers, Art , Sharkey, Kieran (2016) Modelled British river water temperatures (1982-2011). [Data Collection]


Kiss, Borbala , Manning, Troy , Hesp, David , Didier, Christophe , Taylor, Arthur , Pickup, David , Chadwick, Alan , Allison, Heather , Dhanak, Vin , Claridge, John , Darwent, Jim , Rosseinsky, Matthew (2016) Nano-structured rhodium doped SrTiO3 – visible light activated photocatalyst for water decontamination. [Data Collection]


Liang, Jing-Hong (2016) Electrochemically grafted single molecule junctions exploiting a chemical protection strategy. [Data Collection]


Marrs, RH (2016) Soil Inversion Dataset. [Data Collection]

Merk, Bruno (2016) Molten Salt reactor study. [Data Collection]

Mitrovic, Ivona Z (2016) Tunnel-Barrier Rectifiers for Optical Nantennas (ECS 2016). [Data Collection]

Mitrovic, Ivona Z. (2016) Atomic-layer deposited thulium oxide as a passivation layer on germanium (JAP 2015). [Data Collection]

Mitrovic, Ivona Z. (2016) Band alignment of Ta2O5 on sulphur passivated germanium by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (IEEE PRIME 2015). [Data Collection]

Mitrovic, Ivona Z. (2016) Conduction mechanisms in Al-Ta2O5-Al2O3-Al rectifiers (IEEE PRIME 2015). [Data Collection]

Mitrovic, Ivona Z. (2016) Enhanced low voltage nonlinearity in resonant tunneling metal-insulator-insulator-metal nanostructures (Microelectronic Engineering 2015). [Data Collection]

Mueller, Alan , Tew, Simon , Vasieva, Olga , Clegg, Peter , Laird, Elizabeth (2016) Validation of chondrocyte and tenocyte gene expression by qPCR. [Data Collection]


Niu, Hongjun , Pitcher, Michael J. , Corkett, Alex J. , Ling, Sanliang , Mandal, Pranab , Zanella, Marco , Dawson, Karl , Stamenov, Plamen , Batuk, Dmitry , Abakumov, Artem M. , Bull, Craig L. , Smith, Ronald I. , Murray, Claire A. , Day, Sarah J. , Slater, Ben , Furio, Cora , Claridge, John B. , Rosseinsky, Matthew J. (2016) Room temperature magnetically ordered polar corundum GaFeO3 displaying magnetoelectric coupling. [Data Collection]


Potter, Richard , Golrokhi, Zahra , Marshall, Paul , Romani, Simon , Rushworth, Simon , Chalker, Paul (2016) The influence of tertiary butyl hydrazine as a co-reactant on the atomic layer deposition of silver. [Data Collection]


Ruddock, Helen K. , Christiansen, Paul , Jones, Andrew , Robinson, Eric , Field, Matt , Hardman, Charlotte A. (2016) Believing in food addiction: helpful or counter-productive for eating behaviour? [Data Collection]


Shen, Yaochun , Dong, Yue , Lawman, Samuel , Zheng, Yalin (2016) AppliedOptics2016. [Data Collection]

Shen, Yaochun , Zheng, Yalin , Lawman, Samuel , Yue, Yong (2016) OpticsExpress2016. [Data Collection]

Shin, Felix , Rosseinsky, Matthew , Claridge, John , Xu, Wen , Zanella, Marco , Savvin, Stanislav , Dawson, Karl (2016) Self-assembled dynamic perovskite composite cathodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells. [Data Collection]


Teobaldi, Gilberto (2016) Chemically Selective Alternatives to Photoferroelectrics for Polarization-Enhanced Photocatalysis: the Untapped Potential of Hybrid Inorganic Nanotubes. [Data Collection]

Teobaldi, Gilberto (2016) Variation in Surface Energy and Reduction Drive of a Metal Oxide Lithium-Ion Anode with Stoichiometry: A DFT Study of Lithium Titanate Spinel Surfaces. [Data Collection]

Teobaldi, Gilberto , O'Regan, David (2016) Optimization of constrained density functional theory. [Data Collection]


Vezzoli, Andrea , Ferri, Nicolò , Nichols, Richard , Higgins, Simon (2016) Gateway-state mediated charge transport studies in dialkylarene molecular wires. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea , Ferri, Nicolò , Nichols, Richard , Higgins, Simon (2016) Single-Molecule Schottky Diode - Au/Molecule/GaAs. [Data Collection]

Vezzoli, Andrea , Higgins, Simon , Nichols, Richard (2016) Soft vs Hard contact junction formation study on terthiophene molecular wires and their charge transfer complexes. [Data Collection]


Webster, Matt , Dixon, Clare , Fisher, Michael (2016) An Assurance-based Approach to Verification and Validation of Human--Robot Teams: PRISM Code and Properties for the Formal Verification of the BERT 2 Handover Scenario. [Data Collection]


Zhang, Wei , Nichols, Richard (2016) Conductance data and characterisation for viologen and their complexes with CB[8]. [Data Collection]

Zhao, Yuyuan (2016) Numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer in porous metals. [Data Collection]

Zhao, Yuyuan (2016) Tortuosity values. [Data Collection]

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