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Data Collection

Chalker, Paul and Roberts, Joseph (2015) APL F-doped alumina manuscript. [Data Collection]

Cheng, Hua (2015) Multiple Pulse Laser Ignition for IJPT Journal. [Data Collection]

Collins, Chris, Dyer, Matthew, Pitcher, Michael, Whitehead, George, Zanella, Marco, Mandal, Pranab, Claridge, John, Darling, George and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2015) Accelerated discovery of two new structure types in a complex inorganic phase field. [Data Collection]

Costa Milan, David (2015) Conductance data for oligoynes. [Data Collection]

Fevre, Eric, Wardrop, NA, Thomas, LF, Atkinson, PM, de Glanville, WA, Cook, EAJ, Wamae, CN, Gabriel, S, Dorny, P and Harrison, LJS (2015) The Influence of Socio-economic, Behavioural and Environmental Factors on Taenia spp. Transmission in Western Kenya: Evidence from a Cross-sectional Survey in Humans and Pigs (People, Animals and their Zoonoses - PAZ - project). [Data Collection]

Gallagher, James R, Boldrin, Paul, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2015) The effect of Mg location on Co-Mg-Ru/γ-Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. [Data Collection]

Gasparyan, Hripsime, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2015) Oxygen permeation and stability of Mo-substituted BSCF membranes. [Data Collection]

Higgins, Simon, Vezzoli, Andrea and Nichols, Richard (2015) Liverpool dataset from 'Gating of single molecule junction conductance by charge transfer complex formation'; A. Vezzoli et al., Nanoscale; DOI: 10.1039/c5nr04420k. [Data Collection]

Hopkins, Carl, Mate-Cid, Saul, Fulford, Robert, Seiffert, Gary and Ginsborg, Jane (2015) Vibrotactile presentation of musical notes. [Data Collection]

Ireland, C.P., Palgrave, R.G., Bennett, S.C., Smith, A.W.J, Clark, J.H., Darwent, Jim, Claridge, John, Poulson, S and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2015) Visible light photocatalysis by metal-to-metal charge transfer for degradation of methyl orange. [Data Collection]

Marrs, Rob (2015) Marr.Four.Site.Moorland.Biomass.Data. [Data Collection]

Nichols, Richard, Catarelli, Samantha and Osorio Calvopina, Henrry (2015) Conductance data for viologens. [Data Collection]

O'Sullivan, Marita, Hadermann, Joke, Dyer, Matthew, Turner, Stuart, Alaria, Jonathan, Manning, Troy, Abakumov, Arten, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2015) Interface control by chemical and dimensional matching in an oxide heterostructure. [Data Collection]

Perret, Noemie, Grigoropoulos, Alex, Zanella, Marco, Manning, Troy, Claridge, John and Rosseinsky, Matthew (2015) Catalytic response and stability of Ni/Alumina prepared from layered double hydroxides for the hydrogenation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural in water. [Data Collection]

Potter, Richard, Golrokhi, Zahra, Chalker, Sophia and Sutcliffe, Chris (2015) Self limiting atomic layer deposition of conformal nano-structured silver films. [Data Collection]

Potter, Richard, Partida, Teresa and Roberts, Joseph (2015) Comparative analysis of the effects of tantalum doping and annealing on atomic layer deposited (Ta2O5)x(Al2O3)1­x dielectrics for GaN/AlxGa1­xN/GaN high electron mobility.transistors applications . [Data Collection]

Scivetti, Ivan and Teobaldi, Gilberto (2015) (Sub)surface Promoted Disproportionation and Absolute Band Alignment in High-Power LiMn2O4 Cathodes. [Data Collection]

Teobaldi, Gilberto (2015) The potential of Imogolite nanotubes as (co-)photocatalyst: a linear-scaling Density Functional Theory study. [Data Collection]

Volk, Martin, Brust, Mathias, Chadwick, Samantha, Livesey, Peneolope and Salah, Dina (2015) Singlet Oxygen Generation by Laser Irradiation of Gold Nanoparticles. [Data Collection]

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