Conduction mechanisms in Al-Ta2O5-Al2O3-Al rectifiers (IEEE PRIME 2015)

Mitrovic, Ivona Z. (2016) Conduction mechanisms in Al-Ta2O5-Al2O3-Al rectifiers (IEEE PRIME 2015). [Data Collection]

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This paper investigates the dominant conduction mechanisms in two bi-layer Ta2O5-Al2O3 structures fabricated by atomic layer deposition and rf sputtering. In depth experimental (electrical and optical) and theoretical analysis have been conducted to demonstrate the dominancy of quantum mechanical tunnelling, a desirable conduction mechanism for high-speed nanorectifier device operation.

Keywords: Metal-insulator-insulator-metal, conduction mechanisms, Schottky emission, Direct tunnelling, Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling, Spectroscopic ellipsometry
Divisions: Faculty of Science and Engineering > School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science
Depositing User: Ivona Mitrovic
Date Deposited: 26 Jul 2016 08:30
Last Modified: 26 Jul 2016 08:30

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